Storage Containers

Need to rent a container? Steel shipping containers are the perfect solution for secure storage, whether temporary or permanent. Our container rentals are a cost effective solution for additional warehousing and storage space for almost any industry and your hassle-free solution to storage problems.

Our container rentals are great for secure office space file storage and useful for storing items while your home undergoes renovations.

Standard Rental Container Sizes:

  • 6’ standard or high cube containers
  • 8’ standard or high cube containers
  • 10’ standard or high cube containers
  • 20’ standard containers
  • 40’ standard or high cube containers

Purchase a Shipping Container

Would you rather buy a storage container? Shipping containers are not only durable, but many of them, having arrived on cargo ships laden with goods, are never re-used and become available for purchase.

Cargo containers are available in many different sizes to suit your storage needs. Because containers are shaped like cubes, they can be stacked and modified for more available space as your business or residential storage needs expand.

Storage containers - Central Storage Ltd. purchase shipping container